SOLID PIONEER SDN.BHD.  A company incorporated under company act 1965 on 29th December 2009 and registered with Ministry of Finance Malaysia. Our company specialization is in marine industry and marine engineering which covers maintenance, service and repair of all type of marine equipment, fabrication of various ranges of marine parts including the complicated and obsolete marine parts and supplying of all marine equipments which covers mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic equipments, spare parts, ship’s stores etc, various fibreglass and wood work. The company promises the best service and always meets the marine national & international requirement standard. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority.

Business scope:

Our business scope includes:

  1. Marine Equipment Maintenance, Service and repair:
  • 2stroke & 4stroke Diesel Engine (Main or Auxiliary Diesel Engine)

Overhauling low, medium and high speed diesel engine either 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines. Servicing all engine parts and gauging the engine parts as per standard requirement. We are also specialist in troubleshooting the entire engine’s problem

  • Various main /auxiliary air compressors,

Overhauling, repair, service and troubleshoot the problem for various types of air compressors.

  • Various type of pumps

Overhauling, services and repair various type of pump including   all types of centrifugal and positive displacement pump.

  • Electrical, electronic, control and automation system.

Troubleshooting any problem related to the electrical, electronic and control & automation system.  Also carrying out Servicing and maintenances on electric motor, electrical protection devices, electrical & electronic parts and control & automation system.

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system.

Servicing and maintenances also troubleshooting in problem for hydraulic and pneumatic system.

  • Main air conditional system and refrigeration system.

Servicing, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting a problem for main air conditional system and refrigeration system.

  1. Supplying all kind of marine equipment, parts, stores etc.

Specialize in supplying various kinds of marine parts and equipment which covers mechanical, electrical, electronic, control and automation system, hydraulic, pneumatic, navigation equipment, deck machineries and hydrographical equipment.

  1. Fabrication of various parts of marine equipment.

Fabricating various kinds of marine parts including the complicated and obsolete part. This is because, not only our advantages in marine engineering knowledge and our workshop facilities but also our knowledge in metallurgy studies.


Our business objective is to success by dealing professionally, efficiently and reliable services towards all the business challenges.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to set a strategic planning in expanding and achieving company growth, financial and environmental objective in order to accomplish the business objective.

Business Mission

Our business mission is “we promise the professional and reliable service with zero downtime”, Customer satisfaction and company’s reputation is our first priority.